Cole harbour & Area business association (CHABA)

 B.I.D Information

We are currently exploring the possibility of becoming a Business Improvement District. What is a
business Improvement district you ask?  Businesses in a defined area, typically a downtown or commercial main street, hold a vote and agree to create a special levy, which is added to their commercial taxes. This levy goes to the BID with a mandate to do marketing, events, advocacy, networking, and undertake other projects of common interest. The
very first BID in the world was created on Bloor Street, Toronto, in 1970. In the 50+ years since,
hundreds of BIDs have formed in Canada, thousands in the United States and many more around
the world.


The reason we are considering a BID for the Cole Harbour business area is to continue and expand on the good work that has been done, to encourage growth and draw consumers to our businesses. As a volunteer group we can only do so much; we all have businesses to run. With a BID, we would have funds to hire an executive director (likely part time to start) that could carry out
the work of the organization. As well, businesses which are part of a BID, can take advantage of many funding programs that we currently are unable to take part in.

We are just starting to get the word out now and will be back with more information soon. We plan to have a townhall information meeting around the end of October to answer all your
questions. Meanwhile, we will be sending out emails and delivering letters to as many businesses in the area as possible.

Please pass this on to other business owners you know and
work with so we can spread the word. And please send your email and contact information, and that of anyone interested in receiving more information to
We will be in touch soon.

Cole Harbour & Area Business Association BID committee


Members photo from summer corn boil at Cole Harbour Farm

Board of Directors 2021-2022

President: Sherri Mallard
Vice President: Karina Sanford
Secretary: Alicia Christensen
Treasurer: Nola Lamoureux
Directors: Ron Cooper, Nicole Gallant